Top 10 sites to buy cosmetics online

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  • September 16, 2023
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Many ladies are looking for Original makeup sites Because it allows obtaining many cosmetics at acceptable prices and cheaper than in the local market, not to mention that it depends on the Internet, there is no need to leave the house.

Although there are many sites that sell cosmetics, there are platforms that offer high-quality products from international brands at reduced prices, such as: Sephora and AyaNature. They also offer offers on cosmetics on a monthly basis at prices that reach less than $1. In this article, we will explore a group that includes 10 of The best sites to buy cosmetics For the year 2023.

Top 10 sites to buy cosmetics online
Top 10 sites to buy cosmetics online

Top 10 sites to buy cosmetics

Many women buy their makeup online. There are also benefits to purchasing makeup online through websites that offer thousands of different brands and products. You can also compare prices and choose the appropriate price with high quality from different online stores. So we chose the best for you Makeup sites Online fame and recognition:

1. Sephora

As we mentioned in the introduction to the article that sephora Count from Best sites to buy cosmetics For the year 2023, Sephora was founded in 1969 in France. It has also gained great fame as a beauty expert, and Sephora is considered one of the most important companies in this field, whether selling makeup online or in stores.

Sephora offers a wide range of makeup that is suitable for all tastes and at reasonable prices. The makeup section on the Sephora website includes products for the skin, such as foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, etc. There is also a full range of cosmetics for the eyes and eyebrows, such as mascara and eye shadow. , eyeliner, false eyelashes, eyebrow powder, and many others. It also has products for the lips, such as lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, and many others. Sephora is also considered one of the largest online makeup stores.

Sephora also has a wide selection of Women’s perfumesThrough it, you can also obtain beauty products for the face, hair, and body. Sephora also includes on its website more than 250 brands of makeup and cosmetics, including famous brands, such as Too Faced, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, and many others, where Sephora took the center The first is through its wide range of makeup suitable for all women’s tastes, as it is considered the best site to buy makeup in 2023.

One of the things that made Sephora one of the best online cosmetics sites in the world is that it provides shipping services to almost all Arab countries, such as: Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and other Arab countries. It supports the language. Arabic.

2. BYS Makeup

Prepare bysmaquillage One of the best shopping sites for makeup, perfumes, and other beauty productsBYS Makeup is considered the best place to buy makeup at cheap prices. If you want cheap, high-quality makeup, BYS Makeup may be the perfect choice for you, as it offers the finest makeup for money according to your taste and desire, where you can get a complete set of tools. Various cosmetics at a reasonable price, as you will find on their website a selection of makeup products for only 1 euro.

You will also find that they have the basics of makeup, such as foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, nail polish, and many others. They also have a comprehensive collection of vegan makeup, which is considered nowadays one of the most popular types of makeup. They also have not forgotten about sensitive skin, as they have Hypoallergenic cosmetic products.

It also includes on its website BYS the most famous cosmetic brands, as it is one of the most famous brands of makeup in Australia, and there are other famous cosmetic brands such as LOL, a brand that is very popular due to its low prices, and there is also the Bell brand that offers hypoallergenic cosmetic products.

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3. Yves Rocher

Her website is rocher.frIt is among the top 10 sites for purchasing cosmetics online, as it was founded in 1959. Yves Rocher very quickly became one of the references in the field of cosmetics and makeup. Yves Rocher is also considered one of the most popular stores selling botanical cosmetics, as it includes more Of the 3,000 online stores, it is also considered one of the most complete and simple to use stores, as it has an easy-to-use and elegant interface.

The Yves Rocher brand also contains a full range of skin makeup, including foundation, BB cream, powder, makeup remover, brushes and sponges. It also contains eye products, such as mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, and others. It also contains products for For lips, such as lipstick, gloss, lip liner, lip balm.

You can also benefit from many promotions and gifts offered by the Rocher Yves online store throughout the year, as Yves Rocher is considered one of the best sites for purchasing high-quality makeup for the year 2023.

4. AyaNature

Prepare AyaNature It is one of the most important sites for selling organic makeup and cosmetics online. It also provides a full range of organic cosmetic products from the best brands of makeup and natural cosmetics.

On its website you can find high-quality brands such as Cattier, Avril, Zao and many others, as it combines the best organic products from many makeup brands, which is why it is considered one of the strongest online stores. You can also take all the cosmetics you need from the place. One.

There are also different sections on their website, as there is a section for makeup, a section for body care, hygiene and hair, and there is also a section for plant-based products, in addition to it containing a very famous section called (Zero Waste), and most of the products offered are based on plants, that is, there is no It contains no animal ingredients, and because of the quality of its organic products, AyaNature is considered one of the top 10 sites to buy makeup in 2023.


It is considered Marionnaud One of the best online beauty and perfume stores. It was founded by Bernard Marionod and is headquartered in Paris, France, in 1984. Its CEO is Gabrielle Petit. It is also affiliated with the parent organization: AS Watson Group. On this site you will find a comprehensive collection of beauty products for women. From skin care creams, hair products, perfumes and makeup, you will find everything you want from cosmetics and makeup, as it offers all exclusive but classic products.

In Marionnaud, you will also find makeup for the eyes, skin, lips, and nails. Their online store contains more than a hundred famous brands in the field of cosmetics, and in particular there are important and famous brands such as Chanel, Dior, YSL, Lancôme, and many others.

There are also thousands of products and a large number of very famous brands on their website, and Marionnaud customers can receive special coupons and promotional offers throughout the year.

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6. Nocibe

considered as nocibe One of the best sites for purchasing cosmetics online, as it was founded by Daniel Werkhammer in 1984 and is based in France, where it is considered one of the most famous companies in the field of makeup today, as you will see on their website a large collection of catalogs of makeup products, and you will also find a collection Tips and tricks for applying makeup

Nocibe has received certificates of appreciation and recognition for the quality of makeup brands selected by their experts, as it includes the most famous brands specialized in makeup, such as Nocibe MAC, It cosmetics, BLACK UP, Estee Lauder, and many others. You will see on Nocibe one of the best cosmetics options for the skin and eyes, You will also find beauty products for the lips.

There are also products for nail care, in addition to a variety of perfumes. The brands also continuously display a range of promotional offers for cosmetics, including makeup and other products, on their website. They also give free samples with every order, as Nocibe, through its wonderful advantages, deserves a better position. Websites to buy makeup.

7. Lookfantastic

Its website is Lookfantastic, an online cosmetics website, was founded in 1996 in the United Kingdom. It has quickly become a guide for finding the best cosmetic products for body care and makeup online, in addition to everything you need for hair care.

The site also currently provides tens of thousands of references from the most famous brands, namely L’Oréal, Revlon, and MAC Cosmetics. This will make beauty lovers and addicts happy to obtain their favorite products at reasonable prices according to the promotional offers system. In addition, the Lookfantastic site enables you to obtain… On his beauty box through his online store every month.

It has a variety of skin care and makeup products, and it is considered one of the most popular references and products, and also through it the products are sent in a “travel” way because it is not just samples, but rather a new way to discover and try new products, and if you like it, you should order it from the Lookfantastic online store. .

8. Notino

Its website is notino.frIt is considered one of the largest sites for purchasing makeup online. In fact, it includes beauty products from hundreds of makeup brands. Among the most famous makeup brands on the Notino website are Lancôme, Oreal Paris, and NYX Professional Makeup.

The Notino website also contains all the solutions you face when choosing makeup. Whether you are looking for high-end makeup products, makeup tools, or cheap makeup products, you can find all of that on its website.

Among the makeup products it offers are foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, false eyelashes, and many others. Notino also contains a full range of lip makeup, including lipstick, gloss, and lip balms, in addition to having special types of makeup. Such as vegan makeup, natural makeup, luxury makeup, and waterproof makeup, and through its various high-quality makeup options, Notino is considered one of the best sites for selling makeup online in 2023.

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9. SAGA Cosmetics

And its website sagacosmetics.comSAGA Cosmetics was founded in 1999, and it has been able to show itself as one of the largest brands famous for selling cosmetics and makeup cheaply online, and you can also get the latest cosmetics and makeup in its online store.

You will find that it has a lot of cosmetics and skin care products from the most famous brands at reasonable prices, and among the famous brands on its website are Aussie, Black up, and Maybelline. A group of modern cosmetics brands also appeared in 2023, such as Kiss USA, MySkin, W7, and many others. .

It also has a collection of beauty accessories such as mascara, lipstick, makeup palettes, and eyeliner. In addition, it has an excellent body care collection consisting of a large collection of creams and oils. You will also find cosmetics for the hair, nails, and face.

For those who prefer vegan makeup, it has a good collection of vegan cosmetics that are free of animal products, and on its blog there are many tips and instructions for appearing with successful makeup, which is why SAGA Cosmetics is considered one of the top 10 sites for purchasing cosmetics and makeup for the year 2023.

10. Mademoiselle Bio

The last site with us among the top 10 sites for purchasing cosmetics is the Mademoiselle Bio store and its website is mademoiselle-bio.comIt is famous among fans of organic makeup, as it is considered a French commercial brand founded in 2006 and is considered the first online store for organic cosmetics, as it contains 3,000 organic cosmetic products.

It is also committed to more than 150 brands. Mademoiselle Bio is a guide to natural beauty and an expert in organic makeup. It only gives you the products in its catalog with strict control and real guarantees. The site also gives you products that are effective and wonderful to use, as they are composed of clean materials and are made according to According to the specifications in the catalogue.

The democratic character dominates all natural cosmetics of Mademoiselle Bio through its reasonable prices for all organic beauty and skin care products, meaning that you will be offered an organic mascara for doe eyes, or an organic foundation for smooth and radiant skin like silk, and there is also an organic lipstick to beautify your smile thanks to… Its ingredients are natural and stable, meaning Mademoiselle Bio makeup is natural and of high quality.


Thus, we have reached the conclusion of this article, through which we learned about the 10 best sites for purchasing cosmetics. They vary between the Sephora site, Mademoiselle Bio, the bysmaquillage site, and other electronic stores that sell cosmetics that you can rely on to purchase these products with high quality and prices. Suitable for everyone.

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