The new Asus gaming device frustrates those waiting

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  • September 19, 2023
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Asus revealed the second low-cost model of its new gaming device, the Asus ROG Alli, which is powered by the Z1 processor from AMD and the Windows 11 operating system.

Asus had announced its interesting device, the Rog Allie, about 3 months ago, which the company confirmed would be available at prices starting at $700, which caused discomfort due to the high cost, especially since it came to be a competitor to the Steam Deck Handheld gaming device that is sold for $400. Only $.

With complaints about the price, Asus confirmed that there will be another low-cost option with lower specifications for the Rogue Alli device, and today the company announced its availability for sale at a price of $600.

A report by The Verge stated that the new Asus gaming device is very disappointing because it runs on a low-performance AMD Z1 processor, which is the same processor that measurements confirmed provides lower performance than the processor in the $400 Steam Deck device.

The $700 Asus ROG Alli device comes with interesting specifications on paper, including a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, integration with the Windows operating system, and improved cooling systems, in addition to the biggest advantage, which is the use of the powerful and efficient Z1 Extreme processor in graphics processing.

As time goes by, Asus announced that there will be a low-cost option, as it will cost $600 and runs on an AMD Z1 processor, which is the only difference with the high-cost model.

After reviewers of sites such as Digital Trends, PC Mag, and Retro Game Corps tested the device, everyone confirmed that the device has really modest performance with the new processor, and that the $100 difference is completely disproportionate to the huge performance difference.

Perhaps it was expected from the beginning, as AMD itself confirmed that the Z1 processor would be noticeably slower than the Z1 Extreme, with fewer CPU cores, and four fewer GPU cores.

But the most disappointing thing is that the gaming experience, according to the previously mentioned sites, on the new Asus device provided lower performance even than the relatively old Steam Deck, which is available at a price of $400, so it is a losing competition before the beginning.

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