The best way to check a used iPhone before buying it and 18 iPhone check codes

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  • September 19, 2023
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The best way to inspect a used iPhone before buying it

Do you want to buy an iPhone and do not know how to inspect a used iPhone before purchasing? Want to test the power of your iPhone!? Follow this guide with me, it is for you!!

Before you buy a used iPhone, you must check the iPhone by the serial number, or check the iPhone on the computer, or in many other distinctive ways that we will discuss in this guide. You can also try more than one iPhone check code that we will list below. All you have to do is follow me until the end 😉

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The best way to inspect a used iPhone before buying it

iPhone scan code

The best way to inspect a used iPhone before purchasing it is divided into two parts:

1- External examination of the iPhone

One of the most important things that must be done and that anyone can do easily is an external examination of the phone, so that you look at the phone screen and all its sides and back, in addition to the camera from the outside, if there is dust in it, as well as if there was a blow to the phone or something similar…

2- Internal examination of the iPhone

As for the internal examination, it is very important, as you must know many things that indicate the strength of the phone and whether it is worth buying. Through the settings, you can know a group of information such as the phone’s RAM, the amount of charge, checking the IMEI of the iPhone, and much more…

You can see a more detailed explanation in the following video 👇

Don’t stop here ⚠️ Now I will start explaining the ways to inspect a used iPhone before buying it and how to take care of what I do when I buy a used iPhone… Follow along with me 😉

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iPhone scan code

How do I know that my iPhone is used?

To get the best used iPhone, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive examination of the device. One of the things that will help you the most are the codes for checking and selecting iPhone phones, such as the iPhone screen check code, the sound check code, or others, and among the most useful codes that can help you are the following codes 👇

1- *#30#
Code information related to the current status to display your number while making phone calls.
2- *#06#
Code to find out the ID of your iPhone.
3- #33#
Information code about blocked phone calls.

4- *3001#12345#*
Code to access all iPhone settings and know the network strength.
5- *#67#
A code that shows you the number to which your calls are transferred when your number is busy.
6- *#31#
Code to hide your number when calling others.
7- *#43
Code to activate the call waiting feature.
8- *#43#
Code to know the status of the call waiting feature on your phone.
9- *#21#
Code to know the status of the call forwarding feature.
10- #43#
Code to deactivate the call waiting feature.
11- *#33#
A code to know the status of calls, messages, etc., if they are activated or disabled.
12- ##002#
Code to disable the call forwarding feature.
13- #33*PIN#
Code code to cancel the previous feature.
14- *33*PIN#
Code to activate the call blocking feature and other services.

15- *3370#
Code to improve iPhone sound but reduces battery life.
16- *#5005*7672#
Code to check message box.
17- *#62#
Code to verify call forwarding number in case there is no coverage.
18- *#61#
Code to check the number of missed calls.

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Check iPhone by IMEI

Checking the IMEI is one of the most important things that must be done, so you can verify the original iPhone by searching for a product with the serial number Apple IMEI iPhone check.

So, the iPhone’s IMEI is considered a number consisting of 15 non-duplicate digits, meaning that each device has its own serial number, so that the original iPhone’s IMEI can be known through the Apple website to verify the serial number or through the phone’s settings only by following the following steps:

Step 1:

First, go to your phone settings and click on General.

The best place to buy a used iPhone

Step 2:

After that, you click on the first About option.

How to buy an iPhone at a cheap price

Step 3:

You will see a set of information, including the IMEI.

Battery status code

Through IMEI check Apple, you can know the phone’s status, verify its validity and date of manufacture, in addition to the device’s warranty status and information in the database…

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Check the battery status on the iPhone Battery Health

If you do not want to use the iPhone battery check code because it may pose a risk, you can check the iPhone by the serial number or find out the battery status in the iPhone does not appear or show the charging number!!

You can find out the battery status on the iPhone 11, 12, or others in the same way. First, you go to the phone settings and then go to Battery 🔋

Buying a used iPhone from America

If you find that the battery is 100%, this is good, and if it is less than 85%, this means that the phone has worked for at least two years.

Buying a used iPhone from Saudi Arabia

If the iPhone battery percentage is 70 or the iPhone battery percentage is 75 percent in the Maximum Capacity box, then most likely the phone has been working for a long time!

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How to scan iPhone with 3uTools

The method of scanning the iPhone using 3uTools depends on the iPhone scanning program used, so that the iPhone is scanned on the computer through this special program!!

Through the 3uTools application, you can find out the faults of the iPhone by installing the program on your computer, then connecting the phone to the computer via a USB cable, then you go to the application, then to the IDevice information, you will find “View Verification Report” click on it.

How do I buy an iPhone without money?

Through the used iPhone scanning program 3uTools, you can learn a lot of information, including:

  • Device color
  • Device model
  • Memory capacity
  • Serial Number
  • Cell address
  • Sales model
  • Bluetooth address
  • Wi-Fi address
  • Screen serial number
  • Master serial number
  • Battery and camera serial number

And the various parts of the iPhone that you want, and you can consider this the best way to inspect a used iPhone before buying it!!

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Check the original iPhone

You can know the original iPhone from the refurbished one through the iPhone inspection link from the official website!!

So you can enter the serial number of the original iPhone that you find in the settings with the same steps, then enter it on the official website iPhone imei check – free online. If it shows you the device information, this means that the iPhone is original!!

Buy a used iPhone or a new Android

If it tells you that the serial number is incorrect, this means that the phone is not original, and thus you will not need the original iPhone code, but you can find out about that through the official website only!

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Used iPhone scanning program

You can also rely on the TestM application, which is considered the best application for checking a used iPhone, as this application shows you an accurate certificate about the device’s efficiency and shows hidden malfunctions and defects in the device, including:

  • Examine the phone screen and choose touch
  • Motion, compass and accelerometer test
  • Testing the rear and front cameras
  • Check the phone’s sound and check the speakers and microphone
  • Check the hardware components such as the vibration, charger, light and smile sensor
  • Test Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location and cellular connectivity

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Tips when buying a used iPhone

Here we do not provide advice when buying a new iPhone, because if the phone is new, you may be afraid of something. Focus only on buying from an official store. As for the best place to buy a used iPhone, it may not be safe because you buy from ordinary people or unofficial stores, so we offer you some golden advice regarding Next 👇

  • Check the battery condition and life by following the same steps as before.
  • Try to apply the most possible methods that we have explained to you in this article.
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages that the phone comes with and whether it is worth buying.
  • Make sure the screen, sound, microphone, camera, charger, cable…
  • Make sure that all external buttons and all parts of the screen work without any problems.
  • Try to check all parts of the device, including the audio, charging, micro, etc. locations.
  • Check the phone’s storage capacity and find out if the original storage capacity is not lacking.
  • Make sure that the images captured by the device are of high quality and that they are clear enough and free of defects.
  • Try to conduct a comprehensive visual observation of the device to detect any external damage, even if it is a scratch.
  • Check the exterior of the iPhone and find out if there is any breakage in the back or front glass…
  • Check Face ID and Touch ID to see if it works smoothly without problems.
  • Check the condition of the front and rear cameras, test them, and make sure they do not have any kind of fog or the like.

Thus, we have presented to you the best way to check a used iPhone before purchasing it in several different ways, in addition to more than one unique iPhone check code that can be used. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments box!!

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