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  • September 17, 2023
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How do I search for investors for my project? How do I find an investor? Questions asked by everyone who wants to start a new project or wants to expand his current project. Searching for investors for your project is considered one of the most important steps in the journey of developing your business and achieving your dreams and financial successes. Many of us may have a successful project idea and with practical and professional experience, but do not have enough funding to start. His project, so many start looking for a project financier to finance and support their own project, but how do you communicate with investors? How do you find investors looking for projects?

In this article, we will show you the best Platforms to search for investors Online, where there are many investors looking for projects to invest in, so these platforms were developed to be a link between entrepreneurs and project financiers. It is for us to learn about these platforms and how to search continuously on them.

Investor search platforms
Investor search platforms

How do you get financing for your project?

Many people seek to establish a project that will generate financial profits for them. It is known that the profits that an individual obtains from the project are much better than working in a job or as a worker, but the difficulty that the largest percentage of people faces is in capital, as the project requires capital and Without having money, the project cannot be established.

Some people turn to banks and financing companies to obtain financial loans to establish such projects, but this was the case in the past, as today there are many platforms and websites that give investors money to establish projects and start work, but unfortunately some do not know where they are located. Project financing sources Therefore, today in this article, we will take you on an introductory tour of the best platforms that provide financial support to investors and those wishing to establish projects.

Investor search platforms

In fact, there are many sites on the Internet that provide the service of searching for investors, and in this paragraph we will present the most prominent of these sites, which are as follows:

1. Location Eureka

Eureka is one of the first online platforms specialized in the field of investment or financial financing, as is common among people. It is considered a financing platform, but it acts as an intermediary, meaning that it connects small companies with investors, as it collects money from the public in exchange for their shares in the companies.

The donation is made after people or investors are convinced of the company’s idea through this platform, and this Eureka platform is to pay attention to innovative youth ideas and finance them, but it is far from traditional projects that seek profit only, such as documentaries, films, or music.

In the end, the investor remains with a share in these companies, meaning that the interest accrues to him in all cases, but in general, if you want to obtain financial financing through the Internet, you can resort to the Eureka platform and try it, as it is an effective platform that provides financing for innovative young people.

2. AngelList

The AngelList platform is considered one of the most famous platforms for finding investors to finance your project. It is a very famous platform for entrepreneurship. Once you have created a personal file for your project, you can start searching for a project financier, as you can limit the search process to criteria that you specify, such as the industry associated with your project and the location. Geography of the investor, and other details.

However, those looking for investors are advised to provide a clear and detailed explanation that demonstrates the strength of the project and your mastery in it, and to set clear directions on how to use the funds and what you will provide to investors in exchange for their investments. It is the best tool to find suitable investors for your project.

3. A site with money

The Dhu Mal website is one of the best websites on the Internet in the field of providing financial support to finance projects via the Internet, as the site is greatly interested in youth productive projects and seeks to provide financial support to them, but the site specifies some of the projects to which funding is provided, for example if you visit the site You will see a group of important projects such as design, engineering, design, community projects, food projects, social activities, and other projects that you will see on the main page of the site.

But the site cannot accept any project without it containing goals, and the user must explain the beginning and end of the project. If the result of establishing the site is a failure, the investor will have to return the money to the shareholders. If the project idea is successful, the site will receive 5% of the profits. The project.

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4. Simple website

It is one of the newly established companies, and its idea is very distinctive. In the beginning, the company provides financing services to intellectuals who wish to establish productive projects, but the idea of ​​the platform is somewhat different from other platforms, as the idea presented by the investor is shared on social networking sites, marketed and promoted, as In this way, development goals are achieved, so the viewer can watch the videos, interact with them, and research the idea more if he is convinced of it.

The site enables users to meet in teams on the website by simply clicking on the marketing advertisement for the project idea, and that the site transfers the profits from project views to the project owner so that he can play his role in financing the project and starting work. This is a strange idea, isn’t it!

5. Liwa website

The Liwa platform is classified as one of the distinguished platforms in the Arab world. It is a Jordanian platform that aims to finance projects in various Arab countries, and the funds are directed towards small or medium projects so that they can provide job opportunities in Arab societies.

The issue only requires the investor to enter the platform and present the idea to the platform owners so that the platform can discuss and research the idea and find out its objectives and the extent of its need in the markets. If the idea is approved, the investor will be contacted and informed of the platform’s approval to finance the project, as the platform and its investors will begin to provide support. The project’s finances are immediately granted, and the project owner later repays the financing loan he obtained after a period of time in monthly payments.

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6. Location maybe

It is one of the prominent and well-known sites on the Internet that provides assistance and financial financing to young people wishing to establish productive projects. It is not an old site, as its period of operation is still almost new, as the site was established in 2012, and the goal of the site is to finance scientific projects, because the founders of the site believe That innovation and science are the basis for economic growth and reducing the spread of poverty in society.

But in all cases, the site takes the investor’s idea into consideration, as the investor can present the idea on the site, with the importance of clarifying the idea and detailing it correctly, with an explanation of the importance of the project that he will establish to society. After this discussion and clarifications, the individual will have to wait while the owners The site should contact him and discuss with him the idea he wants to work on and what is its success rate in the markets. If it is approved, financing the project will begin to establish it.

7. Crunchbase platform

It is a company that provides information about investors and funds in companies. It also provides information about capital owners and investors looking for projects to invest in, so you can use this platform to search for project financiers.

NoticeWhen presenting your project to platforms or investors, you must prepare a good investment offer, a detailed explanation of your project idea, and you must show them that the financing you will obtain, where it will go and where it will be spent, in short, you must make investors reassure that the financing paid will be placed and invested in the right place.

This was the topic of our article today, my friends. In this article, we presented to you a group of the most important financing platforms available on the Internet. If you want to obtain financial financing for your investment, you can contact one of the financing companies on the Internet. We hope that the article has pleased you. .

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