The 20 most popular computer languages ​​in September 2023

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  • September 11, 2023
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Kotlin replaces Julia in the top 20

Just like last month, Python, C and C++ form the top trio in this TIOBE ranking for September 2023. This podium has not changed since June, during which C++ stole third place from Java.

The ranking also sees Julia language disappear from the top 20, although it made its debut last month. In 20th position, it is replaced by Kotlin, a language created in 2016 and which experienced a phase of popularity during its first year of existence. He then entered the top 20 of the TIOBE rankings. According to Paul Jansen, CEO of TIOBE Software, Kotlin is now reaching its “second summit” and could, in the future, compete with Java.

Kotlin’s raison d’être is to establish itself as a fierce competitor to Java. It beats Java on almost every front. The main argument against Kotlin is that Java is a more established language and therefore has more programmers, books, training courses, libraries, etc.

The top 20 most popular languages ​​in September 2023

The top places in the ranking therefore remain stable. The top 7 is unchanged from last month. In the middle of the ranking, some developments should be noted. PHP (8th) and Fortan (11th) notably manage to grab places. This latter language has seen significant progress in one year: in 2022 at the same period, it was in 15th place. The Scratch language, if it loses three places in the ranking of the month, can still be pleased with a good progression in the medium term, going from 22nd place in September 2022 to 14th a year later. The same goes for Rust, which progressed 9 places in one year.

Discover the top 20 most popular languages ​​in September 2023:

  1. Python (similar position compared to September 2023)
  2. C (=)
  3. C++ (+1)
  4. Java (-1)
  5. C# (=)
  6. JavaScript (+1)
  7. Visual Basic (-1)
  8. PHP (+2)
  9. Assembly language (-1)
  10. SQL(-1)
  11. Fortran (+4)
  12. Go (=)
  13. MATLAB (+1)
  14. Scratch (+8)
  15. Delphi/Object Pascal (-2)
  16. Swift (=)
  17. Rust (+9)
  18. R (=)
  19. Ruby (+1)
  20. Kotlin (+14)
Tiobe ranking September 2023
Python has seen a steady rise since 2002. © TIOBE

The TIOBE index criteria

The TIOBE index is not intended to designate the best programming language, but rather to identify those that are currently the most used in the development industry. The metric focuses on the popularity of programming languages, analyzing queries for the 100 most searched languages ​​on popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Amazon, YouTube and Wikipedia.

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