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  • September 12, 2023
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Shipping cost from Alibaba website. Nowadays, e-commerce operations have become indispensable, as this type of commerce has contributed to expanding markets and facilitating buying and selling operations all over the world. Among the most famous e-commerce platforms is the Alibaba website, as it is one of the largest markets that connect sellers and buyers from all over the world. Countries of the world.

Alibaba is considered one of the largest global shopping sites and is famous for being a site that offers a very large collection of products at very cheap prices compared to its competitors. However, there is an important part that many ignore when purchasing from Alibaba, which is the shipping cost, as knowing how to calculate the shipping cost from Alibaba is considered Crucial to ensuring you complete a profitable and cost-effective purchase.

So in this article we will talk about the topic Shipping cost from AlibabaWe will also talk about the shipping methods and agents available on the Alibaba website, and how much are the shipping prices from Alibaba. So stay tuned to find out the details.

Shipping cost from Alibaba website
Shipping cost from Alibaba website

Electronic platforms are one of the reasons for the electronic revolution, which works to manage individuals and commercial companies, the most prominent of which is the website Alibaba It is one of the leading sites on the Internet in the world, as it connects the buyer and the seller. Moreover, it offers many products because it contains a large group of suppliers and manufacturers, including electronic products, fashion, and other products that may come to your mind at competitive prices.

It is also worth noting that the most important thing that affects purchases is the shipping cost, which is associated with purchasing goods from the Alibaba website. It is also necessary to understand the difficulties of the shipping cost on the site for all customers, whether they are individuals or commercial companies, who wish to import goods through the site.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of all shipping methods. We will also learn about the agents available on the Alibaba website, in addition to learning about the various shipping options available on the site according to the agent or shipping method.

Shipping methods and agents from the Alibaba website

First, we must know some important information, which is the shipping cost, which is calculated according to the variables, the most important of which is the shipping method or agent, which we will rely on when ordering from the site.

There are also two main methods of shipping through the Alibaba website (air freight), which is used by those who want to receive orders as quickly as possible, whether in cases of emergency or any other reasons.

The cost of air shipping through the Alibaba website varies depending on the agent, starting from $50 per kilogram and is calculated based on the distance between the supplier and the seller.

As for sea shipping through containers, it also varies depending on the duration and shipping company, as the material cost of sea shipping starts from $10 per kilogram.

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Shipping cost from Alibaba via Aramex

There are many shipping companies that you can rely on to ship from Alibaba to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, the Emirates, or any other country, and one of these companies is the company Aramex It is a company that needs no introduction, and here also the cost of shipping from Alibaba via Aramex will vary, of course, depending on the country as well.

The actual and dimensional weight of the product to be shipped plays a major role in the cost of shipping through Aramex, and the distance also plays an important role in determining the cost of shipping from Alibaba via Aramex.

Shipping half a kilogram to Egypt, for example, is calculated at about 410 Egyptian pounds, and the additional half kilogram is 163 Egyptian pounds. For products that weigh more than 21 kilograms and up to 40 kilograms, it is calculated at about 246.77 Egyptian pounds per kilogram, and if the product weighs from 41 kilograms and up to 61 kilograms, so the cost per kilogram for shipping is 190 Egyptian pounds, and for products that exceed 100 kilograms, the cost reaches 165 Egyptian pounds, the shipping cost per kilogram. This is for the shipping cost from Alibaba to Egypt.

If you want to get the exact cost, all you have to do is visit the Alibaba website to find out the exact cost of shipping through Aramex, because Aramex offers a special shipping calculator available on its official website. It also enables you to follow the shipment from the moment it leaves the supplier until the moment it reaches you. .

Shipping cost from Alibaba via EMS

If you want to deal with the Singapore Post Express EMS for shipping from Alibaba, here the financial cost of shipping differs from the Alibaba website through Aramex, and in this method you will have to make sure that the seller you are dealing with deals with you using the Singapore Post method as well. We mentioned.

The shipping cost for half a kilogram by Singapore Post is usually about 490 Egyptian pounds, and for every additional half kilogram until the maximum limit is reached, the cost is 205 Egyptian pounds. You should also know that the exchange rate changes from one hour to another, so the prices and costs we mentioned are approximate and not Except from the moment of writing this article, and you must check the exchange rate against the Egyptian pound or the currency you want to deal with.

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Air shipping cost from Alibaba website

Agents determine the cost of air freight per kilogram through the airlines at the beginning, and then it goes to the weight and size. Also, airlines often set air transport prices so that they are equal to 1/80 of the price of transporting passengers. The distance also plays a role between the supplier and the importer. Receiving or exporting countries, where the cost is set on this basis.

The reason for the high prices of air freight services from Alibaba is that it has many advantages, the most important of which is speed, as this advantage does not exist in sea shipping at all. No matter the distance between the supplier and the buyer, the product will arrive within a maximum period of 48 hours.

The other advantage is safety and trust, as air freight companies ensure the safety of the shipment starting from its movement from the product to the recipient. This is present in sea freight, but sea freight has a low safety rate compared to air freight.

Shipping cost from Alibaba to Saudi Arabia

Any citizen or resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can know the shipping costs through the Alibaba website within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the calculator available with companies and agents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only. You must search for the name of the agent only.

If you choose Aramex, the international shipping company, through the Alibaba website, you will find that the cost of shipping half a kilogram starts at 135 Saudi riyals, and the cost of the additional half is 46 Saudi riyals for packages weighing less than 20 kilograms, as for packages weighing more than 20 kilograms. For 20 kilograms and up to 49 kilograms, the shipping cost per kilogram is 80 Saudi riyals.

For shipments whose weight starts from 50 kilograms, the shipping cost per kilogram reaches 72 Saudi riyals, and the shipment from the Alibaba website to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes a period of 8 to 15 days. However, if you choose Singaporean shipping, the cost is very close, as the cost Shipping for the first half kilogram is the same as the shipping cost per kilogram through the Aramex website, which is 141 Saudi riyals.

At the end of the article, we conclude that we have learned about the cost of shipping from the Alibaba website. We have also learned about the most important foundations and methods through which the shipping cost is determined. We have also learned about all the agents available to all Arab countries from the site, the costs of each agent, and the different methods of shipping available through the site. We explained the shipping costs from the Alibaba website to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Egypt. We hope that we have provided you with the information you want from this article.

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