how to use NameDrop with iOS 17

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  • September 19, 2023
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With iOS 17, you can now easily share coordinates by bringing your iPhone closer to another iPhone or an Apple Watch.

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The NameDrop functionality makes it easy to exchange contact details, but does not allow you to update a contact card. © Apple

A new feature to easily share your contact details on iPhone

On iOS 17, the Cupertino company implemented an additional function to AirDrop, its system facilitating the sharing of content (files, audio, photos, etc.) to another Apple device located nearby. Called NameDrop, this new option simplifies sharing contact details with another Apple Watch owner or of iPhone eligible for the latest update of the operating system.

From now on, to communicate an email, a telephone number or a contact sheet, simply physically bring the two devices together, then validate the exchange. Preconfigured by default on iOS 17, the NameDrop feature can also be activated manually using the following steps:

  • Go to the app Settings,
  • Press on Generalthen select AirDrop,
  • Check the option Start sharing by approaching devices.

How to share your contact information with NameDrop

To quickly share coordinates with a nearby Apple Watch or iPhone, it’s very simple:

  • Bring the top of your iPhone closer to that of the target device,
  • The current connection is indicated by a light emitted by both devices. Hold until NameDrop displays on both screens,
  • Click on Receive only to receive the contact form, or Share to also send yours.

Here is a video overview of the procedure:

Apple specifies that this operation works “only to send new contact details, not to update an existing contact”. Furthermore, it is still possible to use the application Contacts to share contact details with another user via Mail, Messages or another application.

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