How do you detect that someone has accessed your Facebook account without your knowledge? (5 steps)

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  • September 19, 2023
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Following someone on Facebook without them knowing

How do you detect that someone has accessed your Facebook account without your knowledge? (5 steps)

Facebook is always followed by great controversy over theft, hacking, and espionage operations. Some may wonder why Facebook in particular, and the reason in general is that most sites, applications, and programs, whether credible or not, support registration through a Facebook account, and the person usually prefers to register through an account. Facebook because it is the easiest process, and in this way accounts are stolen and hacked. On the other hand, you may be spied on by someone or another, and you can follow up today: How do you detect someone entering your account on “Facebook” without your knowledge?

We have observed a recording process entrance From a device you don’t normally use

Remove saved login information

There are many cases in which a person may be hacked and his Facebook account stolen or spied on. Facebook games, updates and links to daily horoscopes or competitions on how you will look at the age of 50 or other matters that are shared on Facebook. Most of these games are customized. To hack and steal accounts, especially since it requires the user to write account registration information.

On the other hand, the Facebook website, unlike the WhatsApp application, for example, works with a third-party system, meaning that all your activities pass through a third party, while the WhatsApp application works with the P2P feature, that is, from the sender to the addressee directly. In general, Facebook is more vulnerable to hacking and spying, but However, there are many protection methods through which you can strengthen the security of your Facebook account and make it impenetrable, but before that, it is sufficient for you to follow with us the method to find out whether someone has logged into your Facebook account.

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How to detect someone’s access to your Facebook account

There is an easy and simple way through which you can really detect any person who has logged into your Facebook account without your knowledge and is actually spying on all your activities, messages, and other things. This method will not require any applications, programs, or websites, but only through the security settings on the account. Facebook, it is easy and simple and does not include any complications. Simply follow the following instructions:

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Facebook account by clicking on the following link:

Facebook login from Google

Step 2:

Once you enter the main page of your Facebook account, click directly on the three horizontal lines icon on the far right of the Facebook application, exactly as shown in the picture.

Facebook login second account

Step 3:

All services and features of your Facebook account will appear to you. From here you can access all account permissions and others. Scroll down and click on Settings exactly as shown in the picture.

I want to log into my old Facebook

Step 4:

You will be taken to the Settings and Privacy page. From all the options shown in the list, you will go directly to Password and Security, as you see in the picture.

Log in to Facebook without an account

Step 5:

Here, it simply shows you the devices that opened your Facebook account and which are now opening your Facebook account, along with specifying other very important detailed information that is decisive in revealing whether someone actually logged into your Facebook account or not, which is the date and location, as you can see in the picture. If it is proven that your account is now opened on a phone or computer device other than yours and on a date today, yesterday, or another, and you are certain that you have not opened your Facebook account on another device, then in this way you can verify that someone is actually spying on you.

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Solution to the problem of someone accessing your Facebook account without your knowledge?

Once you have verified that another person is accessing your Facebook account without your knowledge, here you can initiate some procedures at the level of security and privacy to expel anyone from your account permanently, with the impossibility of this person trying to log into your account again and spying on you, so it is sufficient to follow the instructions. The following simple:

Step 1:

The first thing you do is scroll down a little bit under the devices used for your Facebook account and you will see the option to change password, exactly as you see in the picture. Write the old password, then set a new, very strong password and retype it. Click on the save changes option. As shown in the picture.

Step 2:

Now go back to the settings and privacy options menu and click on personal and account information as shown in the picture.

Step 3:

Click on it and go to the phone number option. For people whose account is linked to a phone number, it is now preferable to change the phone number to which the account is linked.

Even if the person accessing your account has an email or a method that allows him to receive messages from your phone number, it prevents him from the Forgot Password feature, which enables users to set a new password for the account after sending the activation code via a number or email, also verify that there is no phone number. Another or additional email.

Step 4:

Now go back to the password and security feature, then go under all the devices that open your Facebook account and click on the option to log out of all these devices at once, exactly as shown in the picture.

Step 5:

In this way, all devices that have logged into your Facebook account without your knowledge are forced to exit it directly, and after implementing heartfelt instructions, i.e. changing the password, changing the phone number, deleting any additional email, etc., the person who is spying on you will not be able to log in to your account again. Others even after requesting a new password.

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Follow the following video for the practical explanation regarding how to know who has accessed a Facebook account – my account is monitored:

Detecting someone’s access to your Facebook account without your knowledge through applications and websites

After accessing active sessions on Facebook and knowing all the other devices that open your Facebook account without you knowing, do you think this is enough? Do you think that changing the password, even modifying the phone number, deleting any additional email, and logging out of all devices is a 100% protection option?

of course not !

The reason is simply that the process of spying and opening your Facebook account without your knowledge is not limited only to people, but even to websites, applications, and programs that you register in through your Facebook account. As for the first method, you may discover who is accessing your account by knowing the type of his phone. If it is one of Those close to you will soon know his identity, but now you will also need to know the sites and applications that may in turn be spying on you by following the following instructions:

Step 1:

First, you go back to the Settings and Privacy menu, and this time you go to the Website Applications option, as shown in the picture, and click on it.

Step 2:

Immediately, you will be directed to the next page, where you will see applications that have been logged in to your Facebook account. Click on them as you can see directly in the image.

Step 3:

Here you will see all the websites and applications that your Facebook account has now been registered with. From here, you have the authority to log out of these applications and websites and remove them, because simply as soon as you register, you grant them full powers to access all of your phone’s data, including information, accounts, etc., which poses a great risk to your privacy. More dangerous than stealing a Facebook or other account.

Step 4:

If you click on the site or application that appeared to you in the Activities tab, the site through which your Facebook account was registered, then scroll down until the Remove option appears exactly as you see in the picture and click on it.

Step 4:

You will be directed directly to another page in order to confirm the process of removing the site or application from your Facebook account permanently. Also click on Remove. In this way, you will disconnect your account from any site or application that you suspect, and in this way you will not be vulnerable to spying from any party or entity. .

How to activate two-factor authentication on Facebook (2FA).

One of the most important security measures that you can take after removing and running all devices, websites and applications that could spy on your Facebook account is to start enhancing the security of your account in a way that makes it impossible for any other user to access it, and this is through the two-factor authentication protection system.

This feature ensures that any login process to your Facebook account from another device will require entering an activation code that will be sent to a phone number or Facebook email. Therefore, login will not be done unless you enter the two-factor authentication activation code, which is an important layer of protection that you can activate if You suspect that someone or an entity is spying on your Facebook account and opening it. We have previously provided a complete explanation regarding 2FA technology and its most important features in an article whose details you can view by clicking on the following link. Therefore, if you want to know how to use the two-factor authentication feature on your Facebook account Step by step with pictures, it is enough to visit this article.

There are many methods of spying, and there are many methods of hacking and stealing an account, especially Facebook. You may be vulnerable to spying by people, websites, or applications, and these matters may develop so that even your personal files on the phone are spied on. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor your account and apply all the protection and security instructions explained in the article. When it is detected that someone has accessed your Facebook account without your knowledge? It works to change the password and phone number and delete any additional email along with all the other protection and security applications that we have followed so far..

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