How do I choose a beautiful name for Facebook, boys and girls? More than 600 names

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  • September 19, 2023
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The most beautiful names for girls and boys

Facebook names are important to the point that they give a clear impression of the user’s personality. You can use your real name or pseudonyms to put on your personal account. Girls can also use cute, cute names. If you are looking for a new baby girl’s name and this name is beautiful, we will present to you a list of the most beautiful girls’ names. .

In addition, we will answer the common question: What is a very beautiful girl called? In this article, you will notice that there are more than 500 names for girls and boys. You can also use the most beautiful names in French if you are a fan of this language. It will be enough for you to search for the topic: How do I name my Facebook in French?

What are the most beautiful girls’ names?

  1. Entity: meaning value or existence.
  2. Nouf: means high altitude or mountain top.
  3. Mila: called the big tree.
  4. Kayla: The beautiful and graceful girl, also meaning crown in African origins.
  5. Sila: refers to the torrent of rain, and is derived from torrents.
  6. Tulane: Moonlight.
  7. Lar: She is the bright star in the sky.
  8. Lilian: means the wine that intoxicates and it is taken from lily, and symbolizes the iris flower.
  9. Juri: It is a rose with a pleasant and intelligent scent.
  10. Rahaf: She is tenderness and gentleness.
  11. Karma: grapevine.
  12. Thalia: She is the light of heaven in Latin origins.
  13. Rohan: The name has more than one meaning, it is a river in paradise, a type of flower, as well as height or the owner of red hair.
  14. Nala: Its meaning in African languages ​​is said to be success.
  15. Rovan: means mercy, tenderness, and good character.
  16. Rand: It is a tree with a pleasant smell and is found in the Levant.
  17. Asiya: It is the name of Pharaoh’s wife, which may mean sad and contemplative.
  18. Malika: A name taken from a king.
  19. Renad: The pleasant and fragrant smell, and it is said that it is the scent of the oud with which the Kaaba is perfumed.
  20. Rajya: Taken from Raja, which means supplicant and contemplative.
  21. Emerald: The name of a rare carob stone, which is said to have a very green color.
  22. Pure: pure, free from everything that is prevalent.
  23. Nardine: a foreign name meaning the name of a plant that has a pleasant smell.
  24. Altruism: means choosing others over yourself.
  25. Jasmine: We are referring to a cat that is white in color and has a fragrant and intelligent smell.
  26. Dhi: radiance and light.

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What is a very beautiful girl called?

Beautiful, Sabouha, Ghada, Ghanaian, Babe, Jamila, Ghanaian, Babe, Coussima, Maliha, Captivating, Captivating, Badi’, Wonderful, Charming, Negative, Charming, Charming, Charming, banner, cheerful, exciting, surprising, alluring, enjoyable, handsome .

Facebook names for girls and boys

How do I name my Facebook in French?

You can translate any name in Arabic that you like and call yourself in French by translating it. This is a group of the most beautiful Facebook names in French:

  1. Elite: The name Elite in our Arabic dictionary means elite or elite, and it is one of the names that goes back to Arabic origins.
  2. Yvonne: YVONNE is a French name that means rainbow, and it is a proper name.
  3. Basant: During some years, the name Basant, which means beautiful rose, spread, and this name became popular again.
  4. Lydia: LYDIA is one of the names that has its origins in Greece, and it represents one of the women who believed in Christ and became a saint.
  5. Juliana: JULYANA means a beautiful girl with good people and long hair.
  6. JUANA: JUANA means beautiful.
  7. CHERIE: It means beloved, and some use it as a metaphor for the names Sherine and Sherihan.
  8. VIOLET: means violet flower, and it is a name derived from the Italian and French languages.
  9. Magdalene: MAGDALENE is a French name derived from Palestinian names, and it was derived from “Madeleine.”
  10. Lana: LANA is of Greek origin and means something made of wool. It is also found in the dictionary of Arabic names.
  11. Carmen: This name has become one of the favorite names of some during the recent period. It is of Latin origins and means beautiful song.
  12. Luna: LUNA means the moon and has English origins.
  13. EDITH: means a precious and valuable gift.
  14. NARA: NARA means the closest in feelings.
  15. HELENA: Of Greek origins, it means bright and radiant.
  16. Angela: The angel-like girl or bearer of good tidings and good news.
  17. Cinderella: The rest of the items left over from the ashes resulting from cremation.

Facebook names in French for boys and girls

  1. What’s the matter with me?
  2. The color of the picture.
  3. Diameter of rose.
  4. The mince.
  5. Rêves de lune.
  6. The letters of the letter.
  7. Prince des Amants.
  8. La color du golfe.
  9. Here is the picture.
  10. The Sultan of the World.
  11. The magic of these yeux.
  12. Tendon sensible.
  13. Amoureux du passé.
  14. Those who have children have cleared the conviviality,
  15. the imagination of poems,
  16. the owner of the lumière of the foudre,
  17. Your print shop,
  18. your soleil,
  19. your new ones,
  20. me,
  21. the sole,
  22. The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe loin rims, and the proximity of the door,
  23. silence,
  24. I love you so much.
  25. Sensation of the doctor.
  26. Be better and better.
  27. Attire your attention.
  28. Bien-aimé Romeo
  29. Fleur de toute une vie.
  30. The live chat.
  31. Les melodies de l’amour.
  32. These words are requested.
  33. The magic of the world.
  34. Flowers of desire.
  35. A history of the day.
  36. Captif de l’amour.
  37. Memoir des cœurs.
  38. This is the most important thing.
  39. New day.
  40. The letters of the text.
  41. Faux espoir.
  42. Add images to the image.
  43. Coeur d’or.
  44. Nuits de distance.
  45. Tenez l’alliance.
  46. Paradis des fees.
  47. I walk in the souvenirs.
  48. The unit prisoner.
  49. La Sorcière des Cours.
  50. A soufflé d’amour.
  51. The story behind the advertisement.
  52. New day.
  53. Basil Paradise.
  54. The letters of the text.
  55. Faux espoir.
  56. Add images to the image.
  57. Coeur d’or.
  58. It’s in these days.

One of the rare female names and their meanings

  1. Newroz: means Eid day.
  2. Hazal: means plant or nut, and it is the name of a tree.
  3. Yara: a Turkish name that means beloved.
  4. Yamur: means rain.
  5. Lolia: means pearl beads.
  6. Nazli: means spoiled.
  7. Narvin: It means fate.
  8. Nousin: means the future.
  9. Slava: means greeting.
  10. Sevda: means love.
  11. Sodi: black stone.
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  13. Randa: means beautiful.
  14. Rojda: means day.
  15. Rogin: means the sun of life.
  16. Ghaina: A tree whose branches are twisted.
  17. Asiya: consoling or sad and contemplative.
  18. Mira: food that a person saves.
  19. Nawahil: The plural of nahilah, which is what a person attains.
  20. Ghayana: the intensity and violence of youth.
  21. Mayar: which is the light on the moon.
  22. Resonator: a lot of resonance.
  23. Next: The light of heaven.
  24. Maysoon: The red-faced one.
  25. Fatima: Originally Fatima and changed to Fatima as a diminutive of Fatima.
  26. Hasnaa: A woman of extreme beauty, beauty, and splendor.
  27. Beautiful: is charming or good-looking.
  28. Faith: belief in something.
  29. Rania: The meaning of the name Rania is derived from the verb “ran,” which is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an meaning “print.”
  30. Hoda: Integrity and commitment.
  31. Jasmine: The name of a well-known aromatic flower.

Names for girls:

  • Lara: A beautiful name that means a bright star in the sky.
  • Milana: means beauty and elegance.
  • Sarah: A classic name meaning princess.
  • Lina: It means gentleness and softness.
  • Noura: means light and radiance.
  • Yasmine: The name of a beautiful aromatic flower.
  • Here: means the beautiful place or the sky.
  • Rihanna: It means peace and tranquility.
  • Lillian: A name that refers to the iris flower.
  • Zainab: A beautiful Arabic name that means Zahraa.

Names for young people:

  1. Karim: means a generous and generous person.
  2. Omar: A classic name that means life.
  3. Alexander: An attractive name that means defender of man.
  4. Ziad: means growth and increase.
  5. Youssef: A beautiful name that means beauty and elegance.
  6. Sami: means sublime and prestigious.
  7. Muhammad: A famous Arabic name that means thanks and praise.
  8. Ian: It means God is with us.
  9. Nicholas: A name that means victory and victory.
  10. Addison: An attractive name that means son of Adam.

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