Honor CEO: “The iPhone 15 is disappointing for several reasons”

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  • September 18, 2023
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George Zhao, CEO of the Chinese company Honor, criticized Apple after the launch of the new iPhone 15, pointing out that the company’s work on improving performance and camera is not enough for a new generation.

Apple officially unveiled the new iPhone 15, a family of 4 basic devices, the Plus, in addition to the Pro and Pro Max models, all of which came with limited improvements, most notably the first new A17 Pro processor that was manufactured with a 3-nano architecture.

The CEO of Honor said, in an interview published on the Huawei Central website, that Apple has a leading reputation in the smartphone industry, but the latest device, the iPhone 15, “is another disappointing new generation,” as he described it.

Honor President

“Apple devices are interesting and anticipated, but if there are no improvements required, users are disappointed,” Zhao said.

He added, “As is the case in many years previously, the improvements are very limited in the iPhone 15, which did not bring new innovation except in the processor.”

“The presence of USB-C in the iPhone 15 is not the interesting thing. Perhaps it is the processor and the improved camera. However, this year it will also achieve great sales despite the lack of innovations.”

Honor’s CEO believes that foldable phones are still in the early years, despite the clear improvements that have come from manufacturers.

Pointing out that while innovations and differences clearly stand out in foldable phones with significant improvements over the past few years, Apple does not seem to be interested in entering into the competition now, even though the field is open to perhaps unprecedented innovations.

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It is worth noting here that, over the past few years, it has been reported that Apple is already working on the first foldable iPhone, but all the information stopped at this point, which reflects that the matter still needs a long time.

At the beginning of this year, information reported that Apple was first working on launching a foldable iPad. These sources set a time frame, as it is said that this device could be unveiled by the year 2025.

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