Elon Musk wants to force all Twitter users to pay

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  • September 19, 2023
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The famous billionaire and businessman, Elon Musk, believes that X, formerly Twitter, should be fully paid for all users, putting an end to free accounts, and that this would be the best way to improve the social platform.

Musk has made many controversial decisions since the acquisition of Twitter in November of last year, as he introduced paid versions that contain some features, most notably the blue confirmation mark, in addition to the biggest change, which is changing the platform’s identity to become X, and other decisions that were not well received by pioneers. The platform and some of them have already moved towards finding alternatives.

Elon Musk x Twitter

Musk said, during his conversation with the Prime Minister of the Zionist government, that the X platform is preparing to become a paid platform for all users, and completely cancel the idea of ​​free accounts.

The billionaire businessman explained that a small monthly payment for using X is the only way to deal with the “massive armies of fake accounts” on the platform.

If the fake accounts cost very little money, and the owner of these bots has to pay a few dollars for each account, then the actual cost of the pool of accounts will be very high, and thus his decision will definitely be to decline.

While the new owner of Twitter did not reveal the cost of the mandatory monthly subscription to X that he plans, or how it will differ from the current paid Premium plan.

Elon Musk simply confirmed that this is the solution to get rid of fake accounts, explaining that the maker of these fake robots will have to register a new payment method for each account, thus restricting them from setting up groups of these annoying accounts on the platform, and that will be the end of their existence.

It’s not clear when exactly these new subscription plans will be implemented, but Musk’s talk reflects that he is fully convinced of the idea, so its implementation is not ruled out.

Elon Musk has a history of suddenly rushing into life-threatening decisions at his companies, so there’s nothing far-fetched about this decision being another big, controversial move for the microblogging platform.

These potential changes come at a time when the X platform faces strong challenges from competitors, especially the Threads platform of the Meta Kingdom, which is run by Mark Zuckerberg.

It is worth noting that this decision will have a future impact on X, as many Twitter users will turn to other alternatives, and it may be the beginning of the end of a big name in the history of the Internet and social networks.

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