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  • September 11, 2023
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Download the OLX program for buying and selling

Download the olx program for free

Various buying and selling processes have developed with the emergence of websites and applications specialized in this. In addition to the electronic market, which now allows users to purchase all the products and goods they want with the clicks of a button to have them reach their doorstep, now some other applications have appeared that allow users to display the various goods they offer, whether they are Exclusive or used, these goods include even real estate, cars, and many others. You can learn about all of these businesses and access them by downloading the OLX program for free, so follow all the details regarding it through our article.

What is the OLX Arabia application?

Download the OLX Cars program

Quite simply, the OLX Arabia application is a buying and selling platform. Anyone can download the application and create a new account on it in order to display the various goods, products and services it provides, whether used or new. On the other hand, the rest of the users can log in and register on the application as well in order to purchase. Goods are made to order without any intermediaries or commission agents and even without paying any additional fees or taxes.

One of the most important features of running the OLX Arabia application is giving the user the ability to search for a customer to buy your products. You can use advertisements in order to find the customer easily. During this, the name of the product, the location, the agreed upon price, the delivery service, and the method of communication between the seller and the buyer are displayed, and that is all there is to it. Naturally, the Olx application, in turn, asks you for a commission because it sold you your product, and in return, it works for free without paying any fees.

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download program OLX

Download the olx program for the computer

As for the download currencies known by the Olx application, it exceeded 100 million users in addition to 260 million subscribers. It is active in 45 countries supported by the Olx application, including Arab countries from the Middle East and North Africa. The reason is simply the most important services and features that the application contains and its ability to be the ideal platform for sellers and buyers and create a good and square trading world for everyone without intermediaries.

The Olx application has now become one of the best trading platforms in the world for purchases. It can be downloaded without paying any cent and for free. You can now follow here all the direct official links in order to download the new OLX program for Android and iPhone in full. You can download the application on your Android and iPhone phone from Phone store Google Play or Apple Store, or on the computer as follows:

You can also download OLX Arabia for Windows from the following link:

Information about OLX in Arabic

One of the most important features of downloading the buying and selling program for free is that it is light in size and can work on various smartphones with the Android and iPhone operating systems without any technical problems or errors. You will see that it is fast, smooth and works with high efficiency. You will not need any experience with it, as it does not require high capabilities to use it and supports various versions. Smartphones. You can verify its compatibility with your phone through the following download data:

Program name OLX Arabia
the Producing company OLX
OS Android, IOS
Program size Varies according to type
Release Latest version
Release 24 – May – 2023.
Program language Available in Arabic and other languages.

How to log in to the OLX mobile website in Arabic

You can obtain the download of the old OLX program or the latest version and install it on your smartphone in an easy and simple way and without any problems or complications. The process is related to downloading the application, installing it, then creating an account on it and logging in to the program to start working. You will see that using OLX in Arabic is simple and smooth and does not include any complications. As is the case through the following instructions:

Step 1:

The first thing you have to do is download the OLX program for iPhone and Android through the links suggested above through the phone store, Google Play or Apple Store. The important thing is to click on the install option or“install” As shown in the picture, so that it can be downloaded and installed quickly, and after completion, you will see the option to open to run the application directly. Click on it.

OLX Egypt program

Step 2:

After completing the process of downloading and installing the olx program, you can now run it to show you its main interface exactly as shown in the image. Upon entry, you will need to agree to the terms, then choose Country in which you reside.

Step 3:

During the next stage, you will need to create an account on the application, and the nice thing about OLX is that it provides you with this service in more than one way. Either register via email, via Facebook, or through a Google account. Select the appropriate method for you to register.

Step 4:

In order to begin the registration process, enter the information required of you, whether email or phone number, then the password. Finally, you must click on the login option. For people who do not have an account on the application, they can simply click on “Register a new user” So you can create a new account.

Step 5:

The task during this stage, as we mentioned, is that you need to enter the email exactly as shown in the picture, then the password and re-type it in order to confirm in the third cell. Immediately, scroll down and put marks on all the terms and policies for using the olx application in a way that expresses your agreement to the terms of use and puts a mark. Check the “I would like to receive emails” option, then finally click on “Register a new user.”

Thus, you will be able to create a new account and log in to the OLX application in Arabic. You can then do all the activities you want

Follow the following video for the practical explanation regarding All the following activities you can do on the OLX application and how to benefit from it:

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Advantages of downloading the OLX Arabia application?

Submit an application OLX Arabia A group of wonderful operating features and many advanced usage features that make it easy for you to work with the application and buy and sell within it easily and without any problems. You can follow these features and benefit from them for free as follows:


Perhaps the operating interface is the most important and first feature that you can notice while downloading and running the OLX Arabia application for the first time. You will see that it is an easy application and does not include any complications. You can deal with it without any problems, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for both beginners and even professionals. The operating interface combines simplicity and professionalism.

Ease of use:

As for the ease of operation of the application, you can preview it directly by running it on your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, and you will see that the interface is organized with elegant colors and a distinctive organization that makes it easy for you to browse, request various services, and access all sections. The user can search for any job in the city that he wants to visit, and many more.

No intermediary:

Perhaps the most prominent and important feature within the application OLX Arabia The trade based on it does not include any intermediaries, agents, or even clients who receive percentages from the buying and selling operations, and the intermediaries are usually the reason for the high prices of goods without any justification, so the application is your direct intermediary who receives a reasonable commission from the sales operations.


One of the most important features of running an application OLX Arabia It is its ability to support operation in more than one language, most notably the most widely used international languages. In this way, everyone can communicate easily and agree without any problems. The most prominent application language is Arabic.


Important feature in the application OLX Arabia You can download and run it on various devices, including smart phones with the Android operating system and the iPhone system as well as iOS. The application is also available in a version for computers and supports running and downloading on a number of other devices, most notably: Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Galaxy, and many others, with each Systems versions.


The application is open source. You can download it directly to your phone through the Google Play phone store and the Apple Store without paying any fees for that. It is enough to register and create an account so that you can buy or sell as you like.

Sections Various OLX application

One of the strongest features of operating the OLX Arabia application and its professionalism is the precise organization of all the services and products that it offers to everyone. All of these matters are organized within specific sections that specify the type of service and products according to type and other details. The OLX Arabia application came in order to facilitate the process of people buying and selling goods and various items. Products, which was very difficult in the past, especially with the intervention of intermediaries and others.

Consequently, the consumer goods market with the OLX Arabia application witnessed very great popularity and an unusual buying and selling activity, and the user has now been able to display his own commodity on the program, with attached pictures, explained specifications, and the required price, then the price is negotiated with consumers and the process is carried out. Selling and so on, and you will find the indication that the OLX Arabia application has many versions and multiple sections from which you can select the most suitable for you as follows:

  • Vehicles and spare parts department.
  • As well as home furniture and decorations.
  • A section that displays many jobs.
  • Trade, industry and agriculture.
  • And let’s not forget the fashion, beauty and fashion section.
  • There is also a special section for pet lovers.
  • Also baby supplies.
  • A special section for real estate, where there is a special section called OLX for apartments for sale or rent.
  • A special section for mobile phones, tablets and accessories.
  • You can also see the electronics and home appliances section.
  • Hobbies, sports and books.

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The most important countries available for download OLX program

Through the following list, you can follow all the countries that support downloading and running the OLX Arabia application on their devices. Most of these countries are from the Middle East to North Africa, as follows:

  • You can also download the OLX program in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Downloading the OLX program for buying and selling is available in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Also Oman.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Qatar.
  • And other Arab countries.
  • North Africa.

Disadvantages of the OLX Arabia program

In addition to all the wonderful features that the OLX Arabia application offers, there is a side of negatives and shortcomings that it is aware of at the same time, and this is normal, like other developed applications and programs that are not devoid of defects, and which it is good to point out in order to work on improving and developing it in the rest of the other upcoming updates that it is aware of. The application, knowing that these drawbacks do not diminish its importance or value, but nevertheless you can follow up on these drawbacks as follows:

Fictitious goods:

Perhaps the most prominent and important negative point within the OLX Arabia application is the problem of fake goods that consumers can buy. Unfortunately, the person will not be able to distinguish between the goods offered and whether they are real or fake except by communicating with the seller, so the process of browsing the application and purchasing online through it There is some risk involved, so you must be careful and take precautions.

Lack of oversight:

Unfortunately, with all the wonderful features of the OLX Arabia application, oversight is completely absent, and thus thousands of people can fall victim to fraud and scams due to fake offers and non-existent goods. However, oversight of the offered goods exists, but as for fake offers, their integrity cannot be verified through… Personal experiences and experiences of consumers.

Close personal account:

One of the most important negatives that you can notice on the OLX Arabia application is the process of closing accounts as soon as their owners commit any mistake without notice or warning. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the instructions and laws.


There is some randomness in setting prices by some sellers within the OLX Arabia application, and as a result you find large sums of money that are not equal to the value of the material goods offered, and this is unreasonable in all respects.

User protection:

One of the most important drawbacks of the OLX Arabia application is the consumer protection system. If we think about it, it is entirely centered around the consumer in particular and his experience and patience in shopping and comparing products. The lack of consumer protection here is important and must be considered, and the reason is that the consumer’s own point of view is One of the components of the application’s success.

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