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  • September 11, 2023
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“Chinese Tap Tap PES is one of the best football games for devices and mobile phones. The game was designed by the well-known Japanese gaming company Konami. The game is characterized by a distinctive and fun gameplay, wonderful graphics, many official licenses, and many teams so that you can… Assemble your perfect soccer team of stars and legends.

PES China It is the latest version of the famous Konami ball simulator game provided by Tap Tap Store. In this game, you can control every player in your club. Participate in matches like you do on computers and regular consoles. In addition, the beautiful feature of downloading the new Chinese PES game is its characters. Featured.

Download Chinese PES apk

maybe Download PES China game The latest version, which is the game that many people have been waiting for for several months, as you control everything. You will choose the coach of your team and determine the team you play using the controls related to you. You are responsible for everything within the game. After downloading and installing the game, open the game, and an interface will appear. Game, choose the teams that play with you.

If you want to add comments in Arabic, you can do so, in addition to discovering the latest transfers of distinguished players around the world, as it works on all phones, whether strong or weak, and the PES game is compatible with the capabilities of all phones, and the 3D graphics and improvements that have been added, have made The game is closer to reality, play now and enjoy perfect gameplay without any stuttering or other problems.

provide you PES China Create your team the way you want with your favorite players, as well as including all the great football players including Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, with the presence of legends such as Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho and others, allowing you to create your dream team to face the challenge and play online and offline and compete with your friends. .

It is worth noting that it can Download chinese pes For weak devices, phones, weak Macs, and computers, and all of this is the result of changing the graphics engine in the game, an engine with more powerful features used in this version of the Chinese game PES.

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Download Chinese PES from Mediafire

PES China game One of the most powerful games that won the admiration of everyone who tried it as a result of the high-quality designs and graphics because it contains wonderful content of beautiful scenes present in the international version, which makes it more wonderful and aesthetic.

provide you Pes chinese Create your own team in your style and with your favorite players. In the game there are all football players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona, Mohamed Salah and other legends of the football game. You can create your dream team to complete challenges and compete with your friends, and play online with your friends for free.

The difference between downloading the global version and the Chinese version is

  • The game is played easily.
  • There are many differences between the global and Chinese versions for mobile, which prompts many fans of the game to switch to the Chinese version.
  • The most important of which are the packages and challenges that are different from the global version, which makes the game more interesting than the global version, which has become very monotonous as a result of the challenges that have become repeated weekly.
  • Also, through online or offline challenges, coins can be obtained to recruit players.
  • There are also two types of currencies: Yellow Coin, which is a rare currency that you can buy from the Play Store or earned by playing online matches on game day or registering every day in the game.

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Download Pes China apk from Media Fire

Download Chinese PES game for Android

Now available for football fans to download the game Chinese pesWhere players can play on their phones and enjoy it whenever they want, the Chinese PES game for mobile features high-quality graphics and easy and smooth gameplay, and users can choose between their favorite Chinese teams and compete with other clubs.

In addition, players can customize their playing style and change clothes, kits and logos. They can also play the story mode and discover modern and exciting events. For football fans who love challenges, they cannot miss the opportunity to experience Chinese pes It gives a great gaming experience.

The Peace China game has been released for smartphones, and is now available for download on multiple stores. This version is distinguished by its focus on the Chinese market and contains a group of new features that suit the taste of Chinese players, including: Pes China game Real teams and players of the Chinese League, which adds more excitement and suspense to football fans in China.

When you enter Chinese pes Players can try the game on phones and enjoy the stunning graphics, realistic sounds, and flexible gameplay experience. Pes China can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this article for free.

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New additions to Peace China game

  • The Chinese version of PES contains many interesting new additions.
  • New clubs and leagues have been added to Peace China.
  • Improving the control system to develop the players’ experience, and issuing a new update for the game.
  • The new update adds a story mode, and includes a lot of select missions that are an exciting experience.
  • These additions will increase the excitement and enjoyment of the game for football fans in China in particular.
  • Players can Download Pes Chinese players can also enjoy the story experience, which includes a set of specific tasks.

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How to download the Chinese PES game for the phone

  1. Start (download game PES China) From the link at the bottom of the article
  2. Then click on the blue box. If you download from Media Fire, you will see the “Download” option.
  3. When you finish downloading the PES game, install it.
  4. When you finish installing (Chinese PES game), open the game, and thus you have downloaded, installed and opened it successfully.

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Some pictures from downloading the latest version of the Chinese PES game

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Advantages of downloading the Chinese PES game from the Tap Tap store

  1. PES is a multilingual game and everyone can select the language they want.
  2. After downloading the Chinese PES game, the commentary feature can be enabled in Arabic.
  3. HD graphics have been developed to be more realistic.
  4. Pes China game download supports all Android phones as well as iPhone, tablets, computers and other mobile phones.
  5. It includes all local, Arab and international teams to cover the requirements and needs of everyone.
  6. The game interface is unique.
  7. The ability to invite friends via the link or via social networking applications.
  8. Downloading the Chinese PES game is available for free to all smartphone users.
  9. It includes three-dimensional graphics that touch reality, especially the faces of the players, which are noticeable as embodying reality, as well as the stadiums.
  10. Musical sound effects, and a voiceover for the match.
  11. The presence of the most famous international players such as Messi and Mohamed Salah.
  12. It contains many international teams.
  13. There are many Arab and international tournaments
  14. You are responsible for managing anything within the game, specifying the coach, the club, the players, the stadium, etc…
  15. The size of the game is small, so it does not affect the memory of smartphones.
  16. Suitable for all ages, young and old, and can be played with friends or with other players from all regions of the world.
  17. The game can be controlled easily and simply, so you do not need to be a professional to play it.
  18. You can play online or without an internet connection, mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  19. Game Chinese PES It is also compatible with all versions and all operating systems.

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Information for downloading the Chinese PES game with a direct link

  • Game rating: 4.5
  • Current version of the game: varies depending on the system
  • Number of downloads of the game: about 20,000
  • Game space: 1.70 GB
  • Game name: Pes China
  • The game requires Android: 7 and later

Download Chinese PES from Google Play

Regular PES can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, but Chinese PES is not available for download in the Google Play Store, because this Chinese version is directed to the country of China, and for those who ask how to download it, it is available for download via the Chinese tap tap store, and through other methods you will We present it to you in the following paragraph.

Links to download the Chinese PES game for Android and iPhone

Download Chinese PES game for Android

Download Chinese PES game for iPhone

Pace Chinese Tap Tap

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