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  • September 19, 2023
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The new channels feature in WhatsApp

In its latest update, WhatsApp launched the Channels feature in more than 150 countries around the world. This feature enables institutions, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders to create their own channels to share important content and developments directly via WhatsApp.

Using channels on WhatsApp is characterized by the utmost privacy, as they are completely separate from personal chats and are not visible to other followers. This feature is easy to use and provides an interactive interface that makes it easier for users to follow the content that interests them.

WhatsApp channels

WhatsApp has improved the channels feature by providing an improved guide that allows users to easily find channels according to their country, in addition to the ability to interact with published content using emojis and display the number of total interactions.

An update feature for admins will also be added soon, where they can edit content for up to 30 days. When content is redirected from channels to chats or groups, a link back to the channel will be included.

WhatsApp pledges to develop more features and constantly expand the scope of channels based on user feedback, and everyone will soon have the ability to create their own channels. To follow the latest developments about WhatsApp products, you can now follow the official WhatsApp channel.

What is the feature of WhatsApp channels?

WhatsApp Channels is a new feature in the WhatsApp application that enables organizations and individuals to create their own channels to share content and updates directly with people who are interested in this content.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of WhatsApp channels:

  1. Maximum privacy: WhatsApp channels are completely separate from individual chats and therefore not visible to other followers in personal contacts. This ensures privacy and that contact information is not exchanged between channels and individual accounts.
  2. Ease of access: Users who follow a channel can easily access the content and updates shared by the channel, by browsing the channel and reading the content easily.
  3. Interact with content: Users can interact with content posted in the channel using emojis and provide feedback, and admins can see the total number of interactions with posts.
  4. Editing and management: Moderators have the ability to edit and manage the content in the channel, in addition to the ability to delete posts when needed. Admins can also set a photo and description for the channel.
  5. Return to channel: When a post is forwarded from the channel to a chat or group, it will include the link to return to the channel again, helping people discover more content in the channel.
  6. This is an important feature that provides a way to share content more effectively and privately on WhatsApp, and is especially useful for organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to communicate with their audience in an organized and secure way.

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