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  • September 11, 2023
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Discover HelloCSE

HelloCSE is a SaaS solution that supports companies on all CSE issues and simplifies the management and distribution of benefits to employees. The solution, customizable and modular according to needs, is aimed at companies of all sizes (large companies, VSE/SMEs, associations, etc.). It is accessible online or from the iOS and Android mobile application.

Here are the different tools offered by HelloCSE:

  • Ticketing : allows access to preferential offers on a large catalog. Ticketing is available in the form of an application, compliant with the GDPR, available on tablet, mobile and computer.
  • Electronic gift vouchers: These vouchers are valid in several brands, and can also be used for cultural activities, for back to school or for Christmas.
  • Management of CSE grants: allows you to centralize ASC grants in one place. The platform allows you to distribute the total budget, sort grants or reimbursements, create rules, manage grant tracking and send reminders to employees by email.
  • Communication tools : allows you to create a tailor-made website by adding modules, such as a newsletter, competitions or a news section.

HelloCSE also offers the design of a personalized mobile application. It includes a ticket office, a personal space, a news tab and a newsletter sending service. The service is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and complies with GDPR conditions.

Additional options are available, such as accounting assistance, legal assistance for CSE & employees as well as communication support (creation of a logo, flyers, newsletters, articles, etc.).

To learn more about the pricing offered by HelloCSE, contact customer service. A demo version of the solution is also available on request.

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