3 digital currencies will multiply 10 times, and an expected recovery for the crypto market during the remaining months of 2023

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  • September 18, 2023
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Amid these three digital currencies preparing to multiply their value 10 times, the prospects for the crypto sector look bright during the last quarter of this year.

As we approach the end of 2023, forecasts indicate bright prospects for the crypto sector. Although this year was not the best year the sector has experienced, there are some positive aspects surrounding its developments, including the emergence of some new digital currencies – such as Wall Street Memes (WSM), BTCBSC, and also YPRED – as investments. Real in the short and long term. These promising crypto projects are important for different reasons, so let’s explore these reasons and see what these projects have to offer together.

Wall Street Memes (WSM): The hottest presale of the year is coming to a close

The Wall Street Bets movement, which is behind the famous GameStop stock events, has played a crucial role in encouraging the emergence of the Wall Street Memes community, which skillfully combines elements of the traditional financial sector with humor inspired by memes and Internet culture, and is the focus of the Wall Street Memes project. -WSM) focuses mainly on meme culture, and its role is not limited to encouraging investment in the world of digital currencies only, but rather goes beyond it to represent a sarcastic and scathing challenge to the rules in force in traditional financial systems.

It is noteworthy that the WSM currency is considered a fundamental focus in the Wall Street Memes project community’s approach to addressing this phenomenon, especially since it allows users to participate in entertaining and entertaining speculative activities similar to those witnessed in Wall Street market transactions. By joining the Wall Street Memes community and purchasing its project currency, WSM, everyone can express their support for this cause and perhaps have the opportunity to enjoy funny images mixed with the experience of digital currencies.

It should be noted that the Wall Street Memes Project is considered clear evidence of the ability of online communities to confront the unbridled nature of capitalism. The project community arose from the same movement that contributed to its establishment. It is noteworthy that Gordon Gekko became famous – during the 1980s – for his saying, “Greed is good” when he made his fortune by trading stocks that had no intrinsic value. Several decades later, thanks to digital currencies based on funny images – some of which are believed to have less intrinsic value – retail traders today have investment opportunities that were not available to them before.

It appears that the pre-sale process for the WSM coin is currently in its final stage, which allows a limited time window to purchase it. Those interested can purchase the WSM coin using ETH or USDT as a payment method, as its price currently stands at $0.0337, which is expected to rise as soon as it is listed on trading platforms. Although the Wall Street Memes project is relatively new, it has succeeded in attracting a large number of followers, bringing its total funding to date to $25 million. Note that millions of WSM coins have already been staked.

The project team emphasizes its commitment to the principle of transparency by revealing the economic data of the project, as community mortgage rewards constitute 30% of the total currency supply, while 20% of it was allocated to provide liquidity on central and decentralized trading platforms, While providing the possibility of purchasing the remaining percentage of currencies. The amount is 50% during pre-sale.

Finally, it is expected that the pace of selling the WSM coin will increase during the last stages of its pre-sale currently underway due to the increasing interest in its promising project. There is a belief that investors’ enthusiasm for this project will increase and their willingness to pre-sell it in the coming weeks, in a new addition to the growing excitement surrounding the WSM coin.

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BTCBSC: A currency that steals the spotlight in the crypto world

The BTCBSC currency recently unleashed a wave of anticipation that accompanied its first appearance in the crypto sector, quickly arousing great interest within its communities, as its project – which mimics the original Bitcoin currency adding improvements to it – succeeded in collecting huge financing revenues within only a few hours, as it provides a new opportunity to buy the currency. BTC was priced at less than $1 in 2011, and what is interesting is that the project designed its currency according to the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm on the Binance Smart Chain rather than its counterpart Proof of Work (PoW).

To know the importance of this feature, the proof-of-work algorithm requires a large amount of computing power and resources, in addition to huge energy consumption during mining operations. In contrast, BTCBSC’s collateral proof algorithm is more efficient, more scalable, and more environmentally friendly.

In the same context, BTCBSC has allocated 69% of its total supply to staking rewards that will be distributed over 120 years, aligning this period with the timetable set for mining the last Bitcoin (BTC) in 2140. In addition, the staking pool will Adhering to an insurance schedule Blocks Bitcoin transactions, distributing mortgage rewards to investors every 10 minutes, so that this arrangement guarantees small investors an attractive source of easy income in the post-launch phase, and also ensures the stability of the currency price at the same time.

The Bitcoin BSC staking pool provides an annual return of more than 14,000%, and although this percentage will decrease gradually as more investors participate in the staking process, the rewards will still be much higher than the return rates used in the majority of the crypto sector , which range from 3% and 5% annually.

Finally, BTCBSC’s pre-sale price is $0.99 with a minimum funding target of $3.960 million; So hurry to seize this exciting opportunity now to make the most of it.

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YPRED Coin: The Only Option Cryptocurrency Traders Will Ever Need

The YPredict project (yPredict-YPRED) provides an advanced platform that leverages the capabilities of blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure price trend forecast market for crypto assets, and since its platform-powered digital currency (YPRED) is based on the Ethereum blockchain , its platform has the required decentralization.

The main mission of the YBridict project is to provide users with a decentralized alternative to traditional price prediction model markets, and this alternative is enhanced by the capabilities offered by smart contracts, so that users can actively participate in these markets that cover forecasts for a variety of fields, from financial and political matters to sports. .

The “Social Trading” feature is considered one of the most important advantages of the project platform, especially as it gives users the ability to monitor and simulate the trading activities of the most experienced traders on the platform, and also gives them the ability to exploit the experience of successful traders for personal gain. In addition, the YPredict platform provides a wide range of services carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of traders and investors. These services include market forecasts, the main interface for market analysis, a special market for price forecast models, in addition to custom trading interfaces.

The yPredict project aspires to a future in which the forecast markets sector becomes within everyone’s reach, by providing a transparent and decentralized platform for buying and selling forecast models. The platform ensures the reliability and security of these markets by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology.

It is worth noting that the pre-sale of the YPRED coin was successful in generating exciting financing revenues of more than $3.7, as the price of the million coin stands at $0.10 during the currently ongoing pre-sale, and is scheduled to rise to reach $0.12 when it is officially listed for circulation. It is worth noting that 80% of the total coin supply has been allocated for pre-sale, with 50% of these allocations being made available during the coin issuance event (TGE), which will be followed by a 6-week reservation period, Then the remaining coins will be gradually released over the course of 6 weeks. Months.

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Final summary

There is a lot we can talk about regarding the crypto sector as we approach the last quarter of this year, but the most important thing is that currencies such as Wall Street Memes (WSM), BTCBSC, and YPREDit (YPRED) deserve attention and follow -up, so we recommend that you consider pre-sale offers for these currencies as soon as possible. Available time.

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